We Help You Lead

Nonprofits are the heart of a connected community, and we believe passionately in helping them succeed. KC Nonprofits was created to help you achieve your mission-centered goals and lead your organization effectively and efficiently.

Put simply, we help you do your job better.

KC Nonprofits has the ability to survey your organization and uncover the greatest areas of opportunity. We don’t work in silos—we’re cross trainers.  Our clients appreciate a fresh perspective, and our unique ability to get to the heart of the issue. Based on our collective experience, we have the expertise to tackle a wide range of nonprofit problems. Once we’ve identified your critical area of need, we are fully equipped to help you find a solution, and ultimately fulfill your mission.



Determining the Need

Sometimes clients come to us with an urgent need—like, “we need a grant writer.” After talking with you, we might discover that your problem isn’t really the lack of a grant writer, but rather resources being misaligned with priorities, or the lack of a clarity in your fundraising program.

We want to be your partner– one who listens, evaluates, and shares with the goal of coming to the right solution.

So don’t be surprised if you come to us requesting a grant writer, but end up with a different plan—one that strengthens your organization and provides a bigger return. Whether it’s grants, strategic planning, board development, project management, membership, or corporate sponsorship—we promise to help you reach your goals.


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