Meet Loretta

Loretta is a San Diego-based accredited mindfulness & leadership coach and nonprofit consultant with a decade of experience. She currently serves San Diego’s nonprofit sector in a variety of ways. Over the last 2 years she has secured over $1,300,000 in grant funding for a variety of nonprofits, and supports young organizations in building sustainable grants programs. She collaborates with other coaches and consultants to support nonprofits in transforming their cultures through services including, but not limited to, strategic planning, organizational culture assessments, and mindful-based leadership coaching.

Loretta got her start in nonprofits in 2012–she had just started her career as a yoga teacher and pursued an internship with a New Jersey-based nonprofit that provides yoga and meditation to historically underserved communities. The internship quickly evolved into a full-time position, and after eight years with the organization, Loretta felt like she could confidently coin herself as a “jack of all trades and a master of none” within the nonprofit sector.

Loretta sought a more formal and theory-based nonprofit education, and after relocating to San Diego in 2017, Loretta pursued her Master’s in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from the University of San Diego. After graduating top of her class in 2020 and acquiring a leadership and executive coaching certification along the way, Loretta found her nonprofit interests to land in the following categories: writing and storytelling, leadership development, and organizational change.

Loretta’s decade of experience in the nonprofit and wellness sectors gives her a mindful, people-centered, and mission-driven approach to all that she does. She’s a dedicated nonprofit professional who strongly believes that “it only works if you do,” and she’ll always encourage you to put the work in!

At KC Nonprofits, she supports grants, prospect research, and strategic planning.