Let’s talk about the tools and resources you might need…

Trying to condense a mountain of information into your key messages?

No problem.

Need a strategic fundraising plan?

We can do that.

Looking to create or enhance your membership program?

We’re on it.

Interested in finding new sources of income from grant funders?

Happy to help.

Need partner who can help you think about the next steps for your organization?

We’ve got the brainpower.

Baffled at how to describe your programs as anything other than ‘operating’?

This is our specialty.

Want trained staff members in grant writing?

We can coach your team.

Struggling to craft a meaningful program budget for your grant application?

One of our favorites.

Have a project that needs management, but no team member with capacity to carry it out?

We do this all the time.

Struggling to leverage your board’s leadership and resources?

We’ve got this.

Can’t exactly say what you need, but sure there is something missing from helping your nonprofit succeed?

We’re here for you.


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